Interior Design Styles, Themes & more

There are many Interior design styles that you see when you browse through design materials. However,some of these catch your attention. Some others fascinate you. And  some other times, you find yourself craving for a particular style update in your room!

Though we all like our homes and rooms to flaunt awesomeness, we cannot really jump into a quick decision. Like everything else, when it comes to styling your home, you should know your options well. 

There are many interior design styles that you can use to add your own charm to your space. But when it comes to deciding on one, it is always better to make an informed decision.

Also, you may wander away from styles and may settle on a theme for your room. What is the difference here? That is something you need to be clear about.

Interior Design styles

When we talk about interior design style, we are referring to shaping up a space that reflects a regional, periodic, communal, artistic or similar community tastes. Obviously, styles came around because their defining patterns were widely accepted and practiced by people. Also, styles keep evolving- since these depend on how societies eventually grow. 

As a result, when you opt for a style, you actually are opting for a space that came out of thoughtful living by a particular society in a particular time frame, including the present.

There are many interior design styles that offers a client a wide variety to choose from. More popular ones are Modern style, Contemporary Style, Minimalism, Traditional, Eclectic, Rustic, Neoclassicism and so on.

From Interior design styles to Interior themes

While a typical interior style is all about resonating with a period, an interior theme is often more personal. A theme is the overall message that an interior carries. And it can be through many ways, such as color, feature, print, shape, character, element and so on.

A theme is a more customized reflection of the owner’s design tastes. Hence, people are quite careful while selecting a theme for an interior. Especially, if you are working around a residence versus a commercial space. 

While the same style can be applied in different ways to both residential and commercial spaces, with themes it is often different. Generally, certain  themes work great with homes, while certain others go well with office spaces.

For example, a color theme of red and yellow may enhance the interior design style of a fast food restaurant. However, it may become chaotic in a busy office setting. 

Similarly, doodle art theme may work in favor of a college classroom. But the same theme loses its aesthetic value when applied in a hospital. 

There are many themes that work across age groups, interior types and events. When compared to interior design styles, these are comparatively more prominent and instantly eye catching. The themes can also be company brand logos, festivities, cartoon characters, vehicles, nature elements such as flowers/water etc.

Themes have the power of making immediate impressions. Unlike Interior design styles that gradually grow on the observer, themes immediately make the message clear. 

On the other side, themes are highly designer friendly. Their life depends on how you implement them in your designs or interiors.

Any common theme as much for rooms?

The best examples of themed rooms are often children’s rooms. An interior designer often consults the space occupants before finalizing the theme. And when children narrate their choices, there is no stopping them!

As a result, you can see a lot of Barbie themes, animation characters like Tom & Jerry, Cars, Mickey Mouse and even characters like superman or spiderman. Therefore, themes are visually vocal in a space. Also, even when you are using these, it is important to adhere to their specific color schemes. 

Another thought that often strikes people is that one cannot combine Interior Design styles with themes.  Well, it ultimately depends on the caliber of the Designer. There are many examples where one can find excellent styling with effective designing.

Does a perfect Interior have it all?

Now, if you deliberately try to insert elements, principles and everything else into a space, then it may simply not work out. So, what is the recipe for that perfect styling? Like someone said, ” Interior design is simply the art of arranging everything till it feels just right.” 

However, themes and Interior design styles prove to be effective in guiding you towards a faster and more productive design process. Theme, style, color, material and everything else is just fine- if it results in the creation of your dream space.  

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