Indian Interiors : Design trends 2019

Indian Interiors reflect much more than humble dwellings. Just like many other aspects such as food, languages, traditions and culture, Indian Interiors have a huge variety. Whether it isin the himalayas or near the sandy beaches of coastal areas, Indian homes have a distinct charm of their own.

Maintaining the looks and feel of one’s own home is quite important for the average Indian. And that is why you will never see Indian Interiors shying away from the contemporary trends out there in the global market. 

And like every year, there are certain trends that leave their mark on the designers and clients alike.

Indian Interiors Trends

#1: Floral prints

Floral prints have always been more of an on-off trend. Be it curtains or cushion covers, sofa upholstery or wallpapers, floral prints never really left the scene. Well, florals were silent last year. But 2019 is the year when floral prints are setting design style statements. And when you combine colors with florals in just the right manner, then it certaainly hits the bull’s eye!

Not only are floral prints catchy, but these are definitely attention grabbers. Plus, the fact that you get a huge variety to choose from, adds to its appeal. Now, in an Indian interior, it is important to know the places where these can be a hit or a miss.

You may happily go for mute florals in neutral tones as your blind or curtain fabrics or even as trims for your cushions. Also, the same combination comes handy in case of wallpapers. In fact, you can also spot these on the surface of certain equipments and cabinets as well. 

In spite of all the moolah, you have to be careful about one thing- never go overboard with florals. It is mainly about creating an impression, not ruining the balance.

#2: Rich Colors

While the floral prints stay merry in the background, this year, it is all about going richer, bolder and more intense with colors. A color scheme in an Indian interior not only reflects the client’s tastes, but also is important in regulating internal lighting.

The color can be as dark as prussian blue, or as light as lemon yellow. All you need to do is to incorporate it in its raw form- without diluting it. Yes, it sounds like a whacky adventure. But when you do it the right way, it instantly adds a lot of charm and value to a space.

And let us not forget the fact that colors also ahve their ways with illusions. So, as a designer, this year it makes perfect sense to go bold with colors in Indian interiors. Now, where do you apply these? Try the sofa covers. Or even the cushions, curtains, or bedspreads. 

You may also sprinkle colors in bits. Go for colorful but small showpieces, that work wonders in an interior. Even placing some fresh flowers in a vase is a great way to add a dash of colors.

#3: Monochromatic fusions

No, not neutral colors. Monochomatic schemes are typically a mix of a given color with its lighter (tint) and/ or darker (shades). 

So you may select purple as your dominant theme and have some lavender and lilac shades adorning the interiors as well. Another example is red, that gives way to a lot of pinks. See, when we talk of monochromes, don’t view them as mere plain surfaces with colors.

Instead, apply them as prints or patterns, or even as the glow of particular lights. Often, we find highlighting objects catching our eyes by virtue of their rich colors. 

However, do understand the risks as well. Monochromes are basically different versions of the same color. So after a while, the client may not find it as appealing or attractive as before.

Hence, you as a designer, should very well add some contrast, some visual drama, in the form of complementary or even neutral colors like white or black or even gray. When you apply monochromes like that, both the neautral tone and the said color, tend to have individual brightness and appeal when resting against each other. 

And ultimately, add a dash of visual texture to these surfaces and what you get is a mesmerizing Indian interior.

#4: Geometric patterns

Don’t like florals? Try goemetric patterns this year for a scintillating interior. With floral patterns, you announce a more relaxing, welcoming zone. Whereas with geometric patterns, your laid down space suddenly becomes dynamic. 

These shapes take your eyes across in the way they lay over a surface. So if you have a shape repeating itself, you observe rhythm. And if you see random lines, they definitely add some excitement to the interiors.

Triangles are great in any shape, size and alignment. They add a pulse, amovement to the surfaces. With wavy lines, you can turn an otherwise dull space into a vibrant, flowing one.

Indian interiors love all that action and rhythm- but in the right dose. And that is why, make sure that the shape goes well with the size, mood and color as well.

#5: Matt finishes

Indian interiors are gradually accepting te fact that all that glitters is not gold! Back in those days (read 2018!), luxury was all about shine, gloss and reflections. Well, this year, matt finishes bring in sophistication to your space.

With matt surfaces, there are many things that work simultaneously. The relatively dull surfaces prove to be excellent contrasts to bright colors.

Plus, matt surfaces prove to be glare free and easy to maintain as well. Now, you may find glossy more or less the same across glossy surfaces. But, when it comes to matt surfaces, these are avaailable in a wide variety of visual texture patterns. Some of these include fine combing, sanding, coarse grains and so on.

Indian interiors continue to gain momentum in the global design industry. And with a bit of planning along these tips, you can definitely create an envious feel in your own home.




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