Budgeting Interiors- Low cost design tips

We all love creating interiors of our dreams. Where luxury, comfort and beauty merge to perfection. And when we start working on our homes, the first action we seek is that of budgeting interiors. Well, a home is a fine excuse to go a bit overboard with shopping. But, it is important to understand why we need to link control factor to all those expenses.

Budgeting interiors

Before we talk about budgeting interiors, it is important to know why we recommend it in the first place. There are many reasons to consider financial planning before you start spending on your space. Even though you feel you can control the cost factor, however, what happens is, you fail!

With your dream house, the desires often turn into a never ending list. That amazing spacious couch, the classy dining table, that antique chest and so on. But to realize where exactly you are with your finances, budgeting interiors is the perfect way to go.

here we list down ten cost cutting features that can help you by saving money. And that too without affecting the looks and feel of your space.



#1 : Use Vertical space

Instead of keeping on adding boxes on the floor level for storage, try shelving stuffs vertically.

how does that work in Budgeting interiors cost? Well, you save on the material, labour and time on designing. Plus, there are options of making it multipurpose as well!

Instead of opting for separate book shelf, why not add shelves over the study table at hand reach level? Also, you may have a lot of collection to put on display which may make you opt for a showcase. Again, what are corner shelves for?

This kind of storage may add value to your vanity area, your wardrobe, shoe racks and custom zones such as crafts storage or even a snack bar.

#2: Be creative

Are you desperate and badly craving for a canvas painting to add oomph to your walls? An interesting idea (one of the best for budgeting interiors) would be buying a canvas. And, painting it yourself!

You say, why? Well, we say, why not? Express yourself. Let your creativity flow on the canvas. Add it to your space for that highly personal touch.  If you find it difficult to even hold a brush, don’t worry! These days there are many art forms and DIY kits that make it a piece of cake.

Just think how proud you will feel with your own signature artwork hanging on one of your own walls! 

#3: Look into the details

Quite often, things like door handles, grab bars, beading and even other hardware do not get the attention they deserve. While budgeting interiors, it makes sense to simply explore all the options in your price list.

At times, even a bit of artistic details such as motifs, patterns etc. on such items can make a big design statement in a space. This, in turn, may eliminate the need of a showpiece or even reduce it considerably, for a signature look.

Also, the same formula clicks with materials as well. Wood, plastic, metal.. each has its own impression when it comes to an interior. So, consider selecting material also going by the looks of it.


#4: Search for some pocket friendly-LIGHTS!

There is a big role of lights in deciding the overall look of interiors. But, does that mean you splurge all that you have on lights? When it comes to budgeting interiors, lighting is extremely important.

Instead of buying from big branded showrooms, why not search the local markets? There are many such places where you find a variety of things to choose from. Antiques, woodwork, crystals, glass and more- and all at pocket friendly pricing.

Here, the point to consider is careful selection. Since such places usually do not provide warranty/guarantee on their products, you have to be on point while purchasing. Which means, careful inspection. But, is it worth all the issues? Yes, of course! Why? Let us explain it for you.

When it comes to a light, there are two components to consider. One is the light fixture, or the body which carries the source. Examples include sconces, chandeliers, pendants etc. And then there are sources- bulbs,  fluorescent tubes, LEDs, CFLs etc. While the sources may often need a replacement, light fixtures seldom undergo repair. 

And it is this part that may fetch you good bargains, if you search thoroughly, instead of settling for whatever comes in your way.

#4 : Display your collections

When we plan for a highlight wall or an accent feature on a wall, most of the times it is about finding that showpiece which defines you as a person. Or, even gives a gentle expression about it. Instead of spending a fortune on designer showpieces, why not create your own signature?

For this, what you need is a personal collection. Your hobby may actually prove to be a money saver while budgeting interiors!

People often collect stamps, souvenirs, plates, caps and similar things. Here, what you need to do is, plan. Plan the spot on your wall that can become the feature of your space. And then, plan the way you would like to highlight your collection.

Budgeting interiors is a process that works when you think smart.  So there are many people who have bottle caps and they make an artwork out of it. For instance, sample this. Take a painted hard base, simply stick the caps in a pattern and provide a clear epoxy layer on the top. It makes for a beautiful wall hanging, with your own personal touch to the space.

And then, there are the classic plates that you put on shelves. Why not texture finish your wall yourself and then arrange these glossy plates on wall? The contrast works wonders to the aesthetics of the space.

These are just a few of the many possibilities to work with! When you think of budgeting interiors, just put on your creative caps and bring it on!


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