Interior design tips : Soft furnishings & fabrics

There are many ways to brighten up a dull space. And having a few interior design tips up your sleeve certainly helps you. Now, depending on what you want out of a given space, you have to work on it. And what better than having some sure tips to make that happen?

Now, the point in discussion here is the term ‘soft furnishings’. It basically means the use of fabrics and textile products in furnishing a space.

Although there are many ways to achieve it, one of the easiest ways is to use soft furnishings. Well, curtains and carpets are something that you observe on a daily basis, but most of the times, these are highly underestimated.

The change that a good old bed spread brings to the feel of a bedroom, or some neat blinds bring to a formal living room, are testimonials to the fact.

Interior Design Tips: Texture with fabrics

Even though the word texture refers to how a surface feels to touch, there is a different type of texture that is critical in interiors. And that is visual texture. 

A lot of interior design tips rely on creating visual textures. Even though there are many ways to create them, fabrics are the favorite medium of the lot.

There are obvious reasons: elements such as finishing materials (tiles, wallpapers, paints, wooden strips etc) are more permanent in nature. Then, there are furniture- these are not only high defining, but also on the expensive side.

Of course, with fabrics,there is a lot less risk. While plain fabrics create a smooth expansive plane, prints have their own work. Small patterns create a coarse visual texture, whereas large patterns define the design character. 

Also, while small prints may add some pleasant noise, big patterns are among the leading interior design tips to tackle large volumes of space.

Interior design tips : Color palette with fabrics

It is a common tendency to associate colors with the various human emotions. So when it comes to an interior, color is very important to define the ambiance or feel of that space.

Now, in big spaces, it is easy to finalize colors for each zone especially since there is room for everything. But, it becomes a crucial task in fixing a color scheme and implementing it in small spaces.

The best interior design tips in such scenarios quite often tend to work with fabrics. And that actually makes sense! Lower cost, a lot of options, easy maintenance and easier replacements make fabrics an ideal choice.

Also you can also use fabrics to define one particular zone in an open room. For example, you may have a great room to serve as a living as well as dining zone. Simply put curtains as a partition element between the two- you end up saving a lot on other materials. All of this- with the additional advantage of getting your favorite color theme on display!

Interior Design tips : Control lights with fabrics

A good interior makes maximum use of daylight. But with the right curtain fabrics, you can control and manipulate the amount of light that enters into a space. With fabrics like sheer,net and even sunlight blocking fabrics, it gets all the more interesting.

Also, light fabrics in lighter colors also help a great deal in enhancing light utility. Ultimately, it all depends on how you arrange your furnishings to your benefit. 

Interior Design tips : Soft furnishing options

The current design industry relies heavily on the use of fabrics to furnish an area to proper aesthetics. There are many groups of soft furnishings that you can employ to create the desired outlook.

Window dressings refer to fabric treatments that cover the windows in an interior. These include curtains and blinds. There are many types of curtains- pleated, cafe, cottage, eyelet, loop, thread, valance, scallop, layered and more- to choose from. Again, blinds also come in many varieties- Roman, Austrian, Venetian, vertical, roller, shadow glide and more.

Carpets and rugs give a fresh appeal and zing to an otherwise soberly ordered layout. Be it luxurious pile or a budget felt roll, there are options for all types of budgets and designs. 

And then there are linen sets such as bed linen, table lines, bathroom linen, that cater to specific areas.  

Sofa upholstery is a great way to cover up the old and reinvent the looks. Add to that cushions and cushion covers for a comfortable seating sitting.

There are a whole lot of interior design tips that work wonders for even the most lifeless spaces. But when fabrics come into play, it becomes interesting for both the designer and the client in a different way altogether.


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