Reclaimed Wood in Interior Design: 5 benefits

Wood in Interior Design: New v/s Reclaimed

Wood in interior design stands as irreplaceable, undisputed and yet as fascinating as ever. Timber not only marks its presence in furniture, rather, it goes beyond-right from construction to accessories to structural components.

However, wide use of wood in interior design means a lot of deforestation. Add to that, global warming and pollution. But then, how can one meet the ever increasing demand of wood without harming the environment?

The answer is – Reclaimed wood. No, not recycled wood. To begin with, you have to process old wooden products with other components such as plastics, to make recycled wood. However, reclaimed wood is interesting. You take old wood, give it a brand new finish and Viola! It is good to go.

Now, the question is- why old when I can afford new? Because reclaimed wood in interior design works wonders. How? Here are a few advantages.



Benefits of Reclaimed wood

1. You don’t cut trees.

You don’t want to be one among those who are keen on destroying our precious forest lands, right? Then this is the best way to satiate your timber cravings! Renovations and constructions are always going on in all parts of the world. Add to that, wood based industries such as ships and shipyards, scaffolding, decks, carriages, barrels, cartons and what not?! 

All that wood, once it gets old, where does it go? You will be shocked to know that a vast portion of such wood ends up in waste fills. So basically, that is like giving away a potential economic material to garbage bin. Instead, you might end up creating awesomeness simply by picking it up and dressing it up to your liking.

2. They add their own charm.

Reclaimed wood is a charmer. Well, with age comes experience. And what better than ageing gracefully? With reclaimed wood, that is what you get. The ageing lines on reclaimed wood face are the secret to the elegance that wood in interior design brings. 

Also, this charm is here to stay. It is neither going to shrink not warp, since it is time tested. Even though many underestimate old wood, many are not aware of its long life as compared to virgin timber. 

The grains on reclaimed wood only grow deeper and more beautiful with time. 



3. They cut down costs.

We are talking about costs related to seasoning, processing, treating and so on. And its not only about money, it is also about carbon emission and pollution. So using reclaimed wood in interior design ultimately makes everything better. You save time by not waiting for seasoning, you save money on finishing and preservation and it works even better.

Which brings us to the next point.

4. Reclaimed wood is stronger.

Yes, that is one thing that escapes the mind of even reclaimed wood consumers. For, wood in interior design is huge, sometimes taking up dual roles of function and aesthetics. 

When it comes to function, reclaimed wood is time tested in terms of strength. So if you purchase from a genuine dealer, there are absolutely no qualms about it. In fact, old wood from ships and such sources give a quality output after refurbishing. 

Have you ever noticed how reclaimed woods yield wider planks? Well, that is because back in the good old days, they allowed the trees to grow and attain maturity before chopping them off. This, unfortunately, does not hold true for modern timber sources.

5. They reduce virgin timber harvest AND fossil fuel use.

The fossil fuel part is a big deal in timber preservation process. Since these are cheaper options, people don’t hesitate from opting for such exhaustive resources. And with reclaimed wood (already preserved), you can easily eliminate this step.

Another point of concern is commercial timber harvest. Wood in interior design, architecture and construction has been such a hit that there is an ever expanding timber demand. And to meet that, commercial industries indulge in large scale commercial timber estates. 

Obviously, that happens at the expense of our natural forests and green lands. By opting for reclaimed wood, not only are you staying away from this exploitation, but you are also contributing by another way. By reducing pollution due to landfill burning.

Moreover, you provide the gift of natural ecosystem to other main woodland species, which they rightfully deserve much. Hence, next time you go for timber purchase, go for reclaimed wood.



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