Kids Room interior ideas: 5 clever decor tips

Kids Room interior: Designer’s dream/nightmare?


Designing a kids room interior? Wow, you sure do have a task in hand! Not only should the kids fall in love with it, but the parents should also feel it light on their budget.

And that, my friend, is the thing about designing kids room interior. Because, you see, kids keep growing and their tastes keep changing. Also, you don’t keep spending money on renovating forever,right? So the important point to understand here is, a newly done kids room interior should last for anywhere between 3-5 years at least, before the desire for a change strikes the occupants.

Obviously, you have to look into certain things to make that happen. Here are 5 pointers to help you achieve design stability in kids room:

1. Avoid literally applying animation themes.

As children cannot keep away from animation characters, it tends to creep into the design theme also. So, generally,you find cartoon characters like Spiderman, Superman etc. to be a popular choice. But before you give in, think one year ahead.

The wall stays the same for days, months and years. Eventually, children may grow bored of it or worse still, may find it annoying! 

Instead, keep the colors on. And combine them with patterns that resemble these characters. For example, when it comes to Spider man, you may go with the color scheme(tints & sparingly hues) and may apply the web design pattern in a suitable area.

This way, even after an year or two, the child may not immediately outgrow the decor.

2. Consider play area in your layout.

A very common mistake that designers do,is labeling the left out space in the room,as play area. Understand that both the study and the play area are equally important. 

You see, children don’t care about how grand or flashy their furniture looks. If they have an adequately sized play area, they will be eternally grateful to you!

Also, consider their toys when you design storage, since these items take a lot of space.

3. Design the room keeping safety features in mind.

Since kids are carefree, you cannot expect them to be on guard in their own room. Here, the importance of good room interior for kids, lies in little details like

  • keeping the furniture corners rounded and blunt.
  • providing soft flooring to avoid fall injuries.
  • designing storage in easy access mode.
  • keeping sockets out of kids’ reach.
  • avoiding sudden elevation level changes( hidden platforms etc).

4. Keep their growth in mind while designing their furniture.

No, that doesn’t mean that you design the room interior in standard adult proportions. But whatever you design, it should ideally accommodate the user for at least next three years.

Generally, while designing bunk beds or study table, many designers consider the kids’ age and proportions at the time of designing. And this is where issues creep in after a period of time.

So it is always better to foresee a couple of months or even years, when you design kids’ furniture. 

Also, another great way to make a furniture long lasting, is making it multi functional for the long run. That way, you return more value of the money invested in the furniture.

5. Keep the colors basic neutral but add pop accessories.

Kids keep changing their preferences and that,in fact, is perfectly normal! But that also means, larger surface areas should have neutral tones for a longer appeal.

The walls are always better in tones than in hues or shades. And the same works good with flooring and ceiling finishes. 

However, that shouldn’t deprive the kids of visual treats in their own room! Well, to make that happen, go with fun accessories. 

Stationary holders, tack boards, upholstered headboards, cushions and many other items can make the room more attractive for the kids. And you can play with rhythm or emphasis, or even create a harmony with these accessories.

Another fun way is designing through soft furnishings. Not only are these cheaper, but the frequent changes make them an interesting element for kids. For example, you can have more than one set of bedspreads based on a single design theme, such as a cartoon character.

Designing a kids’ room interior is quite a challenge in itself, but when you break it down, you see that it is really about the little details. All that you need to do is think like them while designing the way you will do! 

And with these points, you can definitely create an endearing yet durable kids room interior.



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