Interior Ideas: Studio apartment smart design tips

Interior Ideas- Studio Apartment 

You add value to a space when you apply some neat interior ideas according to the space. And with a variety of different structures, you sure don’t want to mess around with the space and the design.

So when it comes to a flat or a studio apartment, you know the limitations- they are not going to make your work easier! And that’s why you need to be familiar with the tips in this blog. Not only will they make your work easier, but they will also add clarity to your design.

A lot of Interior ideas involve too many stuffs, which isn’t really possible in a studio apartment. So this is how you can make it work.

1. Plan your spaces

Like any other structure, here also you need to plan out the basic functional spaces for living, dining, reclining, learning and other activities. Here, you should go the classic way.

So, DON’T skip any functional space that you know you need but can’t make up your mind about its location. Don’t give in to that temptation! Well,you can definitely add some great interior ideas to the spaces after a proper plan.

Also, once you have made a draft, cross check it with client and site, make necessary changes and then, STICK to your plan- no additions afterwards!

2. Create utility partitions

So when you begin working on the space divisions, make them ‘user friendly’. Now, skip the regular walls and instead go for furniture- for storage, function or even display. This way, you make it work in two awesome ways!

For example, you may use a bookshelf to divide your living and dining space. Also, make use of showcase shelves or storage cabinets to separate your study area and bedroom space.

On one hand, you support function and on the other, you make the owner’s life easier by defining the space.

3. Go easy with colors

Don’t create chaos with colors- a studio apartment is not the ideal setting for a color riot. And so, you can totally avoid issues by going for a neutral or tinted and calm shades for background works- the floor, ceiling and wall.

Also. with this method, you actually make a contrast setting to decorate with bits and splashes of color here and there, while keeping it spacious.

Then, you can also experiment with patterns- both bold and soft, to create an accent wall. All of this, without compromising on the visual spaciousness in the interiors. No wonder, it is one of the best interior ideas for a small apartment.

4. Use the vertical spaces as well

Shelves are a huge, huge support spaces in small interiors. In fact, they can be your best allies- if you go a step ahead with the planning. Skip the routine and try to use the space for more.

Also, you can create certain rhythm and harmony with these space savers- by properly arranging them. And when the guests visit, let them fall for the beauty of the vertical setting- this takes their attention away from less square footage. Yes, such amazing interior ideas do exist!

The shelves are quite a sight in such spaces. So make sure you have the most suitable finishes and proportions for the walls they adorn.

5. Use space saver fittings

Go for sliding doors and windows. And don’t forget that there is a lot of space under your cot, behind your door and on your walls. 

Yes, a sofa cum bed is a good option, but then so is a simple love seat and a small cot. Here, the key to amazing visuals is the layout, lights and color scheme. 

Also, what about using curtains for some of the partitions? That is one of the better interior ideas and can actually add to your design. And then there are foldable tabletops, stacking/folding chairs and many more pieces for your studio apartment.

Its a small space and the only people who should be aware of this fact is the owner and the designer. Well, with clever interior ideas, this space can ultimately look big and comfortable enough for the user. Just try some of the tips above for a great space to live in!


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