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Home & Interiors: What the rooms are about

Home is where the heart is. And after a long tiring day- the mere thought of your home & interiors, makes you homesick. But do you know what makes that feel click spot on? Yes,the fact that your personal spaces tend to be an extension of who you are, as a person.

Home & Interiors need custom finish. So, the most important point is to design everything according to the user’s wish. More so, if you are an interior designer/decorator, you find it difficult to make everyone happy!

Well, if you often face this dilemma, then this blog is for you.

Home & Interiors: What it should ideally be about

The perfectly designed spaces have certain things in common. Here,to begin with, it should be obvious to a layman. You know, the color scheme, the textures and other stuffs should all sync well with each other.

And then, the end user should be happy with your hard work. Now, the question is,how can you make that happen?

Well, let us walk through the different spaces and find out what can make your design click.

1. Living Room

Now, this room is the highlight of the house- most of the visitors are going to spend a good amount of time in here. So, how can you make sure it rocks for everyone?

Here, the first saver tip is-Make it look spacious. yes, with all that sofa, love seats, side tables and what-not, it is bound to bear the heavy look. And your success lies in making it look light and pleasant to the observer’s eyes.

But then, you have to keep the client’s preferences in there as well. Bulky furniture? Here, you go plain and light on the floor, ceiling and colors. Light furniture? Add a bit of drama-play with (limited) patterns, textures and if your client allows, colors.

Small space and more furniture? Make light your hero (including daylight for sure!). Play with lines to create required effect (that’s designer talk, if you know what I mean)!

Confused about arrangement pattern? Well, Vastu or no Vastu, make sure there’s enough traffic and utility spaces. 

And of course, select UNIVERSALLY APPEALING color palettes and other elements. That’s because it is an absolute rule for the living room.

2. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should score perfectly in terms of aesthetics, ambience and privacy. And since different clients express different styles, the key here is to follow the ground rules in designing a bedroom.

Yes, it should be comfortable. Also, there should be adequate lighting for that awesome vanity set, for cozy relaxed bedside reading and not to forget, for private moments.

Now, there is the headboard that may get on your nerves- when your design is dangling between looks and comfort. Here, you go with comfort.

And then, that offset between the mattress and cot platform. Here, go by the client’s preference spot on. Now if you feel it ought to be some other way, express your concerns. But client’s preference is the ultimate way to be.

As a general rule, stay safe with light tones of your color palette, diffused soft lighting and limit emphasis points. After all, here the general ambience matters more than the individual elements.

Also, a generous tip here: people often regret spending a huge amount on silk bedding.. just so you know!

3. The Kitchen

Now, this place HAS TO win the heart of the home-chef in a family. So, obviously give utmost importance to his/her brief. After all that discussion, don’t forget getting the ergonomics part right.

Hence, make sure you have the right measurements with respect to counter top height and other kitchen dimensions.

And then, there are details: back splash, alcove lighting, preparation sink/island or a prep seating, dining space, pantry/store, accessories and open storage concept. Here, the key is to focus on budget AND long term utility- you really don’t want to spend all that money on one accessory that has little or no future use.

Also, make sure you thoroughly discuss the color palette and textures- you don’t want them to struggle with the maintenance part of it.

4. The Kids’ Room

Most lively and dynamic home & interiors usually have the kid factor in them. Now, when it comes to practical settings, we generally see the smallest space being labelled as the kid’s room. 

And that throws you, the designer, off your grand scheme of things. In such a scenario, if you really want to apply those lively concepts with bright/pastel colors, the best way is opting for Multipurpose Furniture.

Well, you know, the one that’s a storage on one side and bedding on the other. Or,a folding tabletop.. there are many examples for reference. And then, there’s the classic bunk bed-theme it, color it, make it splash the room and the kids will love you!

Also, the parents will be super duper happy if you take the extra effort of ensuring or enhancing safety features in the space. How? That’s your homework now!

5. Others

These ‘Others’ are the free-creativity zones in home & interiors. Well, they measure lesser than the other spaces, have least occupancy time. And the surprising bit- they join the other spaces.So, a place like a lobby, passage or foyer can be a canvas to take your design bits in.

Thus, by focusing on the little details in the home & interiors, you can very well keep your client AND your design dreams happy!





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