Flats interior design: 5 space & money saver ideas

Flats interior design: How are they different from other spaces?


Flats range from 1 bedroom-hall-kitchen to multiple bedrooms-halls-kitchen. So, they become interesting spaces for designers. Well, basically you have a bunch of similar spaces that require unique interiors! And here, great flats interior design ideas work like magic!

Since the flats in a building are similar in layout, it is mainly the owner’s taste and opinions matter a lot in final finishes.  Also, some amazing ideas may look workable on papers, but may not work that way in real settings. What really matters is how creative you can be in space limitations.

Again, there is nothing that a clever designer cannot do! Well, here is our list of some awesome flats interior design ideas:

1. Limit the furniture.

Sure,it is tempting to fill your home with whatever you can afford,but please leave your furniture out of it! Not only do they eat away your budget, but also the space inside.

At first, all the purchase may give you a high. Soon enough, you gradually realize how you could have used that money for some other useful work in your home. 

Instead, select furniture that you absolutely need for a comfortable living. For example, why go for a king size bed in your rented flat, when a double bed is all you need? And think about all the extras storage space if your  cot is has storage drawers.

Again, you can totally skip a three seater sofa and go for a loveseat if you happen to have a busy career. Instead of stuffing your living room with huge recliners, why not go for an upgraded easy chair?

2. Create light accent walls.


An accent wall uplifts the total look and feel of your room. However, you should be conscious of your room space. Therefore, your accent wall needs to be attractive and airy! 

Of course, brick cladding may be trendy and why not- the rusty earthy hue is quite eye catching! Here, you can skip the usual color and opt for lighter or less dramatic colors, even white. And be assured, it will be one of the flats interior design that becomes neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride!

If its wallpapers in your mind, select the wallpaper according to the wall size. 


3. Use wall arts.


Your lobby space- with many doors and a dull wall patch- can definitely use some wall art! So you can deck up that area with a beautiful painting. Add some dramatic spotlight and viola! you create a mesmerizing spot right there!

Wall arts are an important part of flats interior design ideas. Especially, when it comes to areas like kids’ room. Moreover, there are options like Radium stickers, PVC stickers, Wood carvings, sculpture pieces and many other options that you can go for. 

Now, if you are not really into a permanent fix, go for posters. Not only are they one of the best flats interior design ideas, but they also make the space lively!

From landscape scenaries to quotes, from cartoons to automobiles and even flowers, there are many types of posters. 

Similarly, these days you can use wall washers (lights) that not only add light to space, but also decorate your wall.

4. Make good use of entry foyer/lobby area.

So what if your builder has left it empty? You can make some good use of that area for hanging/storing items. For example, you can use keystands, cloak hanging hooks, shoes/bag storage shelves,etc.

And if the space is narrow but has some depth and height, use vertical shleves to store showpieces that add elegance to the interior.

Furthermore, you can opt for door mats with funky entry quotes or quirky motifs.

5. Don’t forget some greenery!

Flats interior design ideas become productive with this point. So make use of whatever balcony area you have. Or even interior spqaces- create partitions, borders and mark turning points.

But with what? Of course with plants! Plant pots, hanging pots, creepers, indoor polants- pick anything suitable and add some nature connection.

With indoor plants, you know you contribute in removing air pollutants. Moreover, easy maintenance makes them very attractive!

For balcony turfs, artificial grass is a great option for flats interior design. But make sure you add abundant plants and vases according to the sun orientation and climate effects on that spot. 

Flats interior design ideas focus on the best possible use of horizontal and vertical space limits in these residences. Adding provision for good ventilation, improving daylight utility and making the most of everything, goes a long way in flats interior design.



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