Interior designers:Career Scopes & Specialty Areas

Interior Designers: Different spaces-different approaches

These days, interior designers are the go-to people to make any space- interior or exterior- picture perfect. And the fact that they are pretty careful with budgeting, makes them ideal for this work.

Also, they leave you with almost zero space-wastage. Plus they make any and every type of dreamy interior come to life!

But before you jump into search process, make sure that what you want is exactly what you get.

Which means, if its a home that you plan to deck up, its a residential designer that you should be after. 

However, you need to chase a different guy if  its an office that you need to upscale.

So you never knew that,right? Actually, interior designers may start their practice with taking up any and every project that comes their way. But soon enough they realize their area of interest and then focus more on similar projects. And this blog on some of the common types,is to help you decide on your go-to designer.

1. Residential designers

These interior designers find homes quite fascinating! They love designing personal spaces according to the user’s taste. They make sure that the final designs fulfill the requirements of each family member. And not just in a good way, but ‘Oh,Wow’ manner!

There’s the master bedroom for the couple, children’s room for the kids, a kitchen for the chef of the house and then, common areas like Living room, balconies and more.

So, a typical designer may determine the personal interests with a one-to-one interaction, discover the problem areas in the current residence and work around with the budget & time. And finally, they put the best of ideas out of all these, into designing the house.

2. Commercial Designers

These designers have keen interest in designing commercial spaces. This includes an office, a supermarket, a showroom, a bank.. basically, places where businesses thrive. 

Now, you may naturally be curious- how is the practice different? Well, to begin with, there are completely different requirements when it comes to an office and a home. And then, the gadgets, functions and time span also varies. 

And only an able commercial designer can meet the demands of such spaces to the satisfaction of both the provider and the user. Also, some of them further develop as corporate designers- those who exclusively work for bigger companies.

3. Hospitality Space Designers

Now, there are designers who focus on the hospitality commercial spaces- such as hotels, hospitals, airports etc. Of course, these call for greater skills and excellent resource management. Yes, it sounds tough- but that’s what these people are for!

However, these are not your average designer firms. These are huge firms with highly efficient employees backing up the whole system. 

An airport or a luxury hotel takes years together to come to life. Naturally, these designers have years of experience with commercial spaces before they dive into such big projects, even for their first big ones. Often, you see them specializing as Healthcare Designers or even Sustainable Designers.

4. Art Directors/ Designers

Who would have thought that a designer will become an integral part of visual media?! However, that’s how things are as of now!

Interior designers have a huge,huge advantage of knowing the knack of setting things right. And that makes them much in demand, say, as a set designer for a film, or even an event designer. 

These interior designers pay more importance to the feel, mood, theme, style, color and lights relevant to the event. Also, most of the times,these aren’t like, real structures. Trust them to set the right mood for your grand events and parties.

5. Universal Designers

These interior designers are well aware of the various needs for various types of people. For example, a geriatric facility or a day care premise has a distinct design requirement. Also, the same goes for a a special needs facility as well.

And universal designers work on these spaces. Yes, these spaces demand unique solutions but then that’s what these designers are for.

And then there are furniture designers, Kitchen designers,product designers, soft furnishings consultants, lighting consultants, floral decorators and more. 

So the next time you have an impending design work, search the best type of interior designers for your space. 




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