Interior Decoration:5 pro tips to a successful career

Interior Decoration:Art (& Science)

Interior Decoration is like the set of notes that make a pretty melody when they come together. Yes, the right steps while decorating a space results in a pleasant and useful interior.

But what exactly is interior decoration? Is it an art, or science? Or is it both?

The answer to this question becomes all the more important if you happen to like interior decoration as a career.

It is definitely an art, no doubt. But then, the more you work around it, the more you see the scientific cues hiding in the finer details.

And if you plan to opt for this profession, I’m sure you have some questions running in your mind.

‘I love interiors but I cannot draw even a simple line. Can I be a decorator?’

‘I don’t have a clue about the materials but I am too into decorating spaces. How can I make it happen?’

‘I want to explore the world of interiors. What can I make of myself once I enter this field?’

These and many more, I am sure, are stopping you from giving this career a try. So, this blog is an attempt to help you out with making a decision- to be or not to be an interior decorator.

Career Tip No.1 :Understand ‘Interior Decoration’

Before you enter any field, you should know what exactly it is about. Well, interior decoration means the art and craft of decorating a space according to the user’s preferences and its use.

Which means, a decorator has a fair idea of all things trendy in all the related fields- furniture, artifacts, fabrics, art pieces and others.

Worried that you have a little clue about these things? Well, IF you are really into it, I see no reason why you wouldn’t explore these already!

How? Easy- go Window Shopping. Yes! That’s how easy it is. Visit your local and branded markets. Know about the materials and rates. And make connections.

Career Tip No.2 : Prepare your tools.

Decorating a space starts when you start planning it. And you usually do it in the form of sketches, drawings or 3D images- anything that makes your client understand the concept you have in your mind.

Now, if you can manage to draw decently, all you need are some sketching and coloring practice sessions.

But, if you are helpless when it comes to drawing, fear not- there are some pretty smart software programs out there that will do the work for you, such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3Ds Max.

Also, software have an added advantage- they speed up the designing process. After all, it only needs a command!

And when it comes to the major tool that you need to prepare- your portfolio- use your skills to your best.

Your portfolio is a collection of all your decorating attempts and works in the form of images or colored sketches. Make sure it is first-look impressive. Well, basically, let it do all the talking about your creativity!

Career Tip No.3 : Browse. Read. Attend.

Browse all things interior- digital design magazines, interior design sites, decorating tutorials, decoration-special series- anything and everything you come across related to interior decoration. Visuals are the best way to observe and absorb.

Read about it in interior decoration blogs, interviews of successful decorators, current news and latest trends. Just don’t skip anything. That’s because it helps you improve your understanding about this field.

Attend any and every related event that comes your way. This you can do by finding out about the different design and decoration events in your area. And these days, social media does a fairly good job at it.

Career Tip No.4 : Practice the trade.

Nothing works best than showing your skills first- hand. So the next time there is a family event happening such as a wedding, house warming or even a birthday party, volunteer to decorate. Lure them with the amount of money they will save by not going for a professional- and make sure you make the most of these chances!

This field really works on word-of-mouth so if your work is outstanding, you can look forward to more works.

Also, another point is really going out there, making new contacts and canvassing your works. This is a more formal way to go, but again, worth all the trouble.

Career Tip No.5: Mingle and Connect.

Like in any profession, it is important that you mingle with your contemporaries. Your fellow decorators are unique in their own way and exposure to others’ works helps you grow. Plus,mutual respect and admiration fosters healthy working relationships.

Anything else in the career checklist?

Well, sure! Develop your communication and presentation skills. And be confident in each choice and decision that you make.

Be a team worker. Be a leader who shows how its done- especially since you will be working with many types of people in a single project.

Also, be an excellent listener- especially during client briefings about their decoration concept.

A HUGE ADVANTAGE  is when you work with a decorator in the field for a few months or years before you begin solo. That way, experience, office and site management comes naturally to you.

Now, if you think you are absolutely passionate about decoration and can absolutely nail the above points, well, then, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start working towards perfecting the beautiful art of Interior decoration.

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