About Interior Design: Career Myth vs Reality

About Interior Design: What about it?!

We all tend to assume so many things based on our first hand observations about almost everything we come across. Well, very often we see the same happening with our career choices. Be it about interior design, medicine or economics, we seek opinions. And come to think of it, what else can we depend upon? 

Also, our source of information are often our near and dear ones, acquaintances or the mass media. However, any decision based on half- baked theories are bound to falter. 

Now, if you are seriously considering Interior Design as your future career, you definitely need to get some clear insight. Sure, you might have heard a million things about interior design- let’s put it one by one on the table!

So, this section about Interior design highlights some related general assumptions and their accuracy.

Assumption No.1: Interior design is for artists & painters.

Now, that’s one common thing about interior design that you get to hear often. Sure, you have a keen interest in beautifying interiors but you can’t even draw a line for you life! And so you decide to give up your designing dreams. Right?

Well, you are wrong! Yes, knowing a thing or two about art is quite handy and drawing is definitely an advantage, but hold on! If you are okay with computers and software, you can easily make your drawings using them. Isn’t that a relief?!

Also, that’s what Interior design institutes are for! Well, join a good one and your teacher will enhance your manual sketching and drawing skills.

So, with practice you can totally nail it- even understanding the art in many elements. But make sure you gear up to work hard and if you do, you win.

Assumption No.2: Interior Designers are for the rich.

That’s another one about interior design. That is, only the rich hire interior designers so basically that limits your career prospects. Now, that’s a major misconception!

The fact is, interior designers work to maximize the use of any given space while improving the long term looks. And that too based on the owner’s budget and preferences. Which means, they give the best value for money. Also, that includes design fees. Isn’t that cool?

So, now you know that they can work within any budget in any type of space.

Assumption No.3: Interior Design is ONLY about art, market and arrangement.

This one, like, seriously? No! The thing about interior design is, people think that you don’t need any extra aptitude other than art. They are quite wrong!

Well, to  begin with, you have to MEASURE your site exactly. Also, for best results in your product/furniture design, you should know correct body measurements and space offsets. 

Not to forget the most important part- budgeting. Yes, you have a lot of calculations and for those you definitely need to have an idea about different measurement units. For example, square feet, cubic feet, running meter etc.

Which means, some good amount of basic maths, yes! 

And then, the science part- climatology, material science, design stability and hardware, quality codes, building safety and services etc. So, you thought it was all about canvas, window shopping and colors? Oops.

Thus, you should join an interior design college that gives you the basic knowledge about everything above.

Assumption no.4: Interior Design, Interior Decoration.. its all one and the same thing.

This is the biggest hoax out there about interior design! No, Interior design and interior decoration are NOT the same. Of course, both are different. 

The scale of work, the type of works, clients, job description, portfolio, budget, time duration, skills,  project management and many more aspects differ in each field, that is, design and decoration. 

And if you want to know more about the differences, click here.

Anyway, the point here is, both are two different things altogether. So people, get real!

Thus, the theory that half knowledge is dangerous, stands true in all things about career choices, including about interior design. So, having the facts right is crucial before you commit yourself to any job.

And finally, we hope that this blog helped you understand interior design way better than before.


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