Interior design ideas :5 furniture design tips & tricks

Interior Design Ideas & furniture: What’s the deal?

furniture design tips & tricksLook around your room. The immediate ‘objects’ that grab your attention are- Furniture. So, it makes sense when we talk about interior design ideas in terms of furniture.

To begin with, there are many factors that influence your furniture choice. It may be anything- budget, material, finish, space, use, interior style and so on.

The absolute goal is to find the furniture pieces that add value to your space, be it your home or your office.

And the best way to do so? By following these interior design ideas when you finalize your furniture.

Tip No.1: Furniture Border

This one is a classic rule. So it basically says that in an average room, its best to arrange the bulky furniture pieces near to the walls.

Of course, this gives you a lot of central open space. Also, it gives an order to arrangement. And sort of adds harmony to the room.

Just a word of caution- maintain a 2″ gap from the walls so that both the furniture and the walls stay good.

Tip No.2: Set (vertical) limit

furniture design tips & tricks

Here is the thing- the height of your furniture may end up influencing the feel of the space. For example, uniform heights of sofa set and storage pieces and side tables is a good idea when it comes to a formal office reception area.

However, a spacious reception lobby in a heritage hotel may give you the scope of experimenting with furniture heights in different pieces- it adds a dynamic energy to the space.

Having said that, don’t shy away from being creative-you can easily use the size factor and wood color shades to your advantage.



Tip No.3: Decide on Volume

furniture design tips & tricks

Let me make it clear. When you opt for bulky furniture, you actually add a lot of heaviness into your space. Here, the real question is- does your room require this noise?

And sure, the answer can be a fair ‘Yes’ if your interior is in traditional style, or you adore antique and royal pieces. Also, if you have the time, space and means to handle it all.

BUT if you are someone who likes simplicity, is hard pressed for time and spend very less time in your dwelling, then that chunky boxy sofa set can be a real menace- less use, more maintenance.

Here, you may find open shelves more friendly than a detailed cabinet for your books. Also, you may want to exchange your space consuming sofa AND bed with a more silent and compact sofa-cum-bed.

Tip No.4: Make use of colors

Interior design ideas rely a lot on colors. And that is true for furniture also. So if you are short of space, go light on grains and colors.

And this is perhaps one of the most useful interior design ideas that achieve the desired looks in the space.

Thus, if you are a big fan of classic or rustic or Scandinavian interiors, have a ball with the rich display of wooden tones and strong grains. Go with the royal teak or indulge in stronger shades of walnut or mahogany.

The only catch here is the space you have.Don’t force the above- said looks into a small area. For elegance to work its magic, it also needs enough space.

Also, with natural wooden tones, you  create a more earthy or neutral color scheme in your rooms.

However, if you have space crunch or are more into experimental styles such as retro or eclectic, then take your furniture for a ride as well!

How you ask? Well, paint it to your fancy- white, red, green, yellow- whatever you want. You may lose the grains with these finishes though. But what you get instead are texture-free colorful expanses of plane surfaces.

Tip No.5: Define the Details (or not)

You must have seen vintage furniture pieces with heavy amount of details such as scrolls, motifs and what not. Sure, they are definitely a sight to hold.

But then again, do they meet your design needs? Sure, all that detailing is bound to make it pricey, but all things pricey need not be your type.

So you may list them in contemporary interior design ideas, but use with caution. These details add a lot of visual texture and that too in refined artistic features. Also, you will often see the motifs in symmetry.

Now, the deciding factor is again, the final look of your space. So, plain, sleek furniture go with Minimal, Modern and Contemporary Interior design ideas.

What if you want a hidden storage that won’t make your furniture sleek, but no detailing on the surface? Well, what you get are sturdy furniture that you see in Rustic or Industrial or even Scandinavian Interior design ideas.

These are a few of the nit-grits when it comes to the relation between furniture and interior design ideas. Understand what you need, decide how you apply, implement what you decide and enjoy the space you create!

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