Home Interior Design: small tips-big changes

Home Interior Design- What’s it about?

A house holds the essence of what you feel for it. And you are what defines your house. When you finally make that strong connection with your dwelling, the house, it finally becomes a home. Then, what you generally crave for are the perfect home interior design ideas for your home.

But then, the process is not as simple as it sounds! Well, we all want our homes to reflect what we are. And that means we need to spend some money on it! So, just when you are ready to splurge on it, a doubt creeps in.

‘Am I doing it right?’

This eventually expands to ‘Do I really need it here? What if it doesn’t work?’

Sounds familiar? Well, fear not. This blog contains some seemingly tiny tips that end up changing your interiors big time, for good!

Home Interior design Tip No.1 : Keep it real.

Home Interior Design: small tips-big changes

It is actually quite simple. Don’t plan your home interior design AGAINST your routine. Just, keep it real.

Sample this. You spend all your savings on upgrading your regular sofa set to posh recliners. Furthermore, you make a luxurious mini theatre out of your living room.

Sounds grand to me-since I have frequent family get togethers at my place. But are  you a bachelor who travels a lot for work and stays at parents’ place on breaks? In that case, you just wasted money on something you won’t enjoy anytime soon.

Instead, minimal home interior design and a lot of clear space would be so, so good for you! Add to that, a cozy bed and ergonomic furniture that makes your short stay at home all the more comfortable. Know what I mean here? Right.


Home Interior Design Tip 2: Let your partitions breathe.

Home Interior Design: small tips-big changes

Partition walls are all over the place these days. More so, in the urban spaces. If you have a partition in your home interior design schedule, then I suggest you reconsider.

If you need absolute privacy you really cannot cave in. But if you want it as a seperation between, say, your living and dining, why not go for indoor plants?

These reduce indoor pollutants, recycle the air, add a refreshing touch to your spaces and are pretty economical in maintenance. And if carpet area is an issue, you have vertical green walls that are equally charming.

This way, you bring nature indoors, cut down on partition material and labour costs AND adds to your health.Wow!


Home Interior Design Tip No.3 : Light it Right.

Home Interior Design: small tips-big changes

I know, as soon as you bought your own dream home, you thought of adding those fancy lights to your interiors. Warm, Cool, colorful.. I get it. That’s because, so did I!

Here is a word of caution- don’t get carried away! And that’s because when it comes to lights, 1+1 DOES NOT make 2!

Many a times, your accent light fixture does a pretty good job of providing ample ambient light. So, listen to your designer if she insists on skipping one of either. After all, it is YOU who has to pay for the extra lights, extra wiring and extra labour.

However, make sure you have nice bright kitchen  during your busy hours. Plus, plan real good for your study, computer table and safety landscape lights.

Here is a saving tip- opt for LED/ fiberoptics etc that save your money in the long run. Sure, you will shell out a few extra bucks initially. But hey, that is really, really cheap when you compare it to powerbills with other pwer consuming lights.

Home Interior Design Tip No.4 : Colour as you fancy.

Don’t hold back- choose the color scheme you’ve always wanted on your walls-IF… yes, pause and ponder.

Are you SURE that’s what you like for your walls? Is it out of tune with the space- for example, painting your bedroom all red (sounds disturbing, right? That’s exactly what I mean here!) simply because you LOVE red. Ugh. Too disturbing?

Instead, why not settle for a red accent touch over a limited area that adds a bit of drama to a calm space? Better still, a really light tint of a tint of red?

Or, are you one of those who just can’t make up their minds when it comes to painting their own homes? In that case you can follow a simple trick that works wonders in the long run.

Go for lighter tints in small spaces. Also, use them in places that are not prone to dirt or smudge. These save on your light requirements and give an airy,spacious look to your interiors. Still clueless? White is your saving grace!

And for complete reverse scenarios from the above, go bold with dark shades. Navy blue, royal Violet, Plush Burgandy… tempting palettes! You will need some more lights than usual, though. But then, these do make endearingly attractive statements, don’t they?

Home Interior Design Tip No.5 : Be Sure of the Unsure.

Not really okay with the cladding but doing it anyway since that’s the trend? You will regret this move! DON’T add anything to your home half-heartedly. Of course, its your hard earned money that you will end up wasting. Ouch, that will hurt some day.

Go for cheaper options- wallpapers, tapestries- basically, anything that fits the bracket. And here is another super tip.

Soft furnishings- carpets, curtains, bedspreads and all things fabrics- are clever elements and a much better choice in case of design confusions.

For one, you can change these without burning a big hole in your pocket! Add to that, the huge variety available. And that too, in terms design, material and cost.

With these small but significant tips, be assured of the pefect home interior design that won’t have any scope of regrets or waste in the days to come.

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