Office Design trends 2019: Work space Design Tips & Trends

Why it is important to create impressive and practical office spaces, is something we discussed in our last blog. Now, design is an ever-changing field with time, in all its forms. And the same goes for office design trends.

Now, does it make sense to add these new features to offices? Though it totally depends on practicality and budget, still, many changes have quite a positive impact on the employees’ productivity. This blog lists down some smart points that will revive the office spaces for good!

Office Design Trends: Six big changes

When it comes to urban spaces, one point to keep in mind is that these are shrinking. And so when you want to make the most of these spaces, you cannot afford to waste even a single inch of it! So, how to make the most of it?

1. Office- a second home

An ideal office, this year, feels like a home-away-from-home! Office times took a departure from the regular 9-to-5 hours long ago.. These days its all about flexibility. Which means, you may reach and leave your office on your time, but then you have to spend a minimum number of working hours in there. That, again, calls for a flexible work space.

Since constant sitting/ standing hours are a constant in many professions, the office should overall make the job more comfortable. This can be done by creating relaxing zones, multipurpose areas, adding fun design elements and so on.

These days, offices have sleeping areas, mini bars, TV rooms, mini Gyms and even fun lounge zones. And these comforting zones are a major relief to the hardworking employees- which also have huge recruiting advantage.

2. Technology Eccentric Office Design trends

Smart Technology era calls for smart offices with technical supports. The present day workstations don’t have overflowing wires. Conference rooms have screens for presentations. Also, smart phone means charging ports- wireless of course!

Smart boards, data sharing and video conference facilities are some technological elements that make today’s offices ready for tomorrow.

3. Biophilic Designs

The present office spaces open their arms wide to receive nature harmoniously in the different spaces. So you have vertical gardens, green walls, internal courtyards, interior plants adorning corners, an aqua body, a terrarium, plant containers as curios… well, the options list is endless!

It is important to keep a check on indoor pollution and what better way than green patches here and there! Also, natural influences tend to increase productivity- so its a win-win situation for one and all!

4. Free interactive spaces

A successful organization is made of dynamic employees. And these offices want to customize spaces to suit each one of them. This way they can ensure smooth workflow.

And one of the best ways to work in this aspect is providingĀ  interactive zones. These multipurpose spaces may become meeting venues, or discussion points, or even a quiet place to come up with innovative ideas and think over challenges. The beauty of such spaces is the individual experiences it provides to the user.

5. Workstations with privacy

Sure, open spaces are a welcome change. Still, the staff members have their own need of work privacy, especially when it comes to maintaining confidentiality, work discipline and concentration. Private workstations are one of the most productive office design trends.

Of course, you can opt for custom designs according to what the company wants- be it their brand logo, brand colors or both, or even something else.

At the end of the day, an office should inspire the staff to get out of their home comforts and put forth their bests in the work fronts. And with these trends, you are ready to make the most of your employees’ potentials.

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