Office Design & Importance:7 reasons to design Office Spaces

Office Design- Does it exist?

Yes, it does! In fact, office design co-existed always, in all workplaces-some quite good, most quite ordinary and few unfortunate ones, quite unbearable. And like our personal spaces, office interiors have a lot of impact on us.

Many companies like Google, Facebook, Convergys, Accenture etc have always re-invented their work spaces to cater to ever changing work environment. Hence, it becomes necessary to think about office design.

But, before spending money on an office renovation, it is important to know exactly WHY you need to do it.

So, lets get going on the very basic reasons that form the answer of the “why” above.

1. The time one spends in office.

You may be working only 8 or 10 hours out of the total 24 hours in a day, but hey, those are the major awake-hours! Which means, a chunk of your conscious time in what you spend in your workplace. Now, a badly designed office may actually affect its employees at many levels- physically and psychologically. This, in turn, may have a bad impact on your productivity during working hours.

2. Good Office design= Good ergonomics.

A pricky chair may not bother you if you use it for a few minutes. But if that chair replaces your comfortable office chair, the result is a disaster indeed! Effective Office design takes great care of the furniture and equipment that you may use everyday. And of course, ergonomics make your routine dealings a cakewalk literally!

3. It adds to stable employees.

Everybody knows how stressful it is when a company undergoes frequent brain drain. And what could be worse than the reason being an exhausting work place? You really don’t want that to be a reason for high employee turn-outs in your organization, do you?

4. Good Office design = good business.

They say first impression is the best impression. Yes, that stays quite true for the organizations that work on direct client interactions. Think about it, when that big deal is about to happen, your client team is about to arrive, and your conference room is all but a table and three quaint chairs.. horrible thought indeed.

Good Office designs make the spaces more inviting and welcoming. And for those who survive on word-to-mouth feedbacks, a properly designed office is of high value!

5. Space for everything human.

They also say, by the way, that great designs are transparent. Which means that your employees are not cramping while having their lunch. Neither are they rubbing shoulders with walls in the washrooms.

A thoughtful office design considers space for everything- right from the reception area, to the cabin spaces, to pantry, washrooms and these days, even relaxation lounges!

6. High quality output.

Research has shown how a cleverly designed office turns tables for the better in terms of work output. When the workers have a welcoming and non-distracting work zone, they are bound to put in their maximum to give high performance and contribute way better to their organizations.

7. Your office design often creates your market identity.

Much like your company logo, your office space unintentionally does the work of branding at so many levels. Overtime, the way your office looks becomes a major factor in the various aspects of your work life.

Be it ambience, function, colors, design, thermal regulation, light control or even furniture,every element in the office space is deciding factor when it comes to overall performance.

Well, if you think that your office space needs renovation, its time you put your thinking-hat on and get the work rolling!

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