Kitchen Design Ideas: Interior Design Trends 2019

Kitchen design: Looking ahead

The coming year in design field looks quite exciting! And when it comes to Kitchen design, there are going to be some huge trendsetters to look forward to. But, why Kitchen? The answer lies in the fact that food, by itself, is a quite interesting medium for social interactions. Social gatherings usually result in kitchens brimming with women and community dealings.

Obviously, this is one place in our homes that has a lot of potential in exploring fashionable and better design trends.

The trick lies in cleverly using the set budgets. Also, make sure your kitchen reflects your aesthetic sense while keeping up with the general design nit-bits.

However, keep in mind that trends keep changing and so your kitchen should satiate your decoration senses for long!

Kitchen design: bit-by-bit

1. The Overall Look

The upcoming kitchens are about practical spaces that are smooth on function. And yet, they score a perfect ten when it comes to looks! These days a designer kitchen suits the fast-life. The elements are limited and sleek minimalism rules the design styles.

The colors tend to be a subtle background with a muted shade of lively hues. Sage cabinets are still to stay, along with the grey tones in the background. Diffused textures such as conrete surface or granite grains, are still ruling the roster.

However, lighting and equipments are exciting areas in the upcoming kitchens. Also, another surprise is the industrial kitchen design-it refuses to stay put!

2. Kitchen floors and walls


The walls and floors seem to balance the other lively elements in the kitchen in terms of texture,design and color. And though white and grey remain favourites, colors such as black, wooden tones and surprise,surprise- metallics, are joining the group!

Ceramic tiles are a great choice when it comes to kitchen floors and walls. The ease of maintenance and affordable designs make them great finishing materials. And then there is wooden flooring. Solid wood and laminates provide a huge variety to choose from.

3. Countertops

Quartz countertops are making a big splash in kitchen design! They are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Plus they seamlessly merge with the new era kitchens.

Granites and marbles continue to stay solid as countertops. The former is quite durable, spill-and scratchproof. The latter, though a bit lagging on maintenance, has its own fans.

Metal countertops are also in demand and so the companies are working hard to make them better when it comes to corrosion and maintenance.

A trend to watch out for, is the reclaimed wood countertop. Of course, it needs some processing before you can apply it as the countertop.

4. About cabinets and Shelves


The kitchen is undergoing a cabinet revolution. While the base cabinets fulfill concealed storage requirements, open shelves are replacing the overhead cabinets. And this is mainly to make the kitchen look more sleek and airy, considering the shrinking urban spaces.

Sharper edges are giving way to curved seams and colors such as navy blue, yellow ochre, burnt amber and sea green are making their presence felt.

Shelves are a clever way that decongest the walls while giving some serious storage spaces. And the low surface area makes cleaning faster. So, it suits the urban lifestyle as well!

5. Equipments

As mentioned above, equipments are undergoing serious cosmetic improvements! These days, right from refrigerators to hob ranges, one can easily spot funky colors and cool patterns adorning the equipment surfaces.

Hoods deserve a special mention- these days, technology has made hoods possiible to auto-adjust their heights according to the hob function, to maximize effective suctioning. However, it is still at an introductory stage.

Though they feel bold in the outlook and definitely can put a burning hole in your pockets, still, the charm stays for long and makes up for every penny spent!

6. Ceilings

Small spaces don’t need chaos and so the simpler the ceiling, the better. As a result, glass ceiling panels are making their presence felt in the contemporary kitchens. People are also sort of moving away from drop ceiling multiple levels to avoid variable textures at ceiling levels.

Though, nothing beats the airy comfort of the classic plain ceiling! Thr trick is in making the most of the daylight while ensuring good ventilation.

7. Busy Islands

Islands are becoming multipurpose-partly due to space issues and mostly due to the fast paced life! The new island has a work zone that also accomodates extra equipment, some storage and some munching space.

Also, the countertops on these islands are often different from the rest. The aim is to add a focal point ranging from quirky to elegant.

8. Green patches

Kitchens these days are vital to indoor air quality; hence plants can be seen adorning kitchen spaces in interesting ways.

From keeping pots to vases, to vertical garden concept, to pplant cladding patches, there are a lot of options available.

These points, in a nutshell, dscribe what a trending kitchen incorporates in its design. So, if your kitchen needs renovation, follow these points and own a fab one!

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