Architecture Inspirations: Famous Indian Architects

Much like Indian climates, Indian architecture varies a great deal from place to place. And Indian architects, after practising in various forms, have carved a niche for themselves in the field globally. So, it makes perfect sense to know more about some of them!

Hence this blog is about those Indian architects who have taken the practice to new heights each time they have created a structure.

Indian Architects: Global Influencers

It is an interesting to note that Ancient and medieval Indian society is rich with architectural practices. Take for example, the famous South Indian Rock Temples, the Stupas of the central India and the North Indian Palaces & forts.

Most of these have stood the test of time and continue to do so. Hence, ecological and structural preservation is something that drives our architects to keep getting better.

Let us look at some inspiring architects who have brought huge changes in the filed of architecture.

1. B.V Doshi

Working with the likes of the legendaries Le Corbusier and Louie Kahn, provided valuable insights to Ar. Doshi about the profession. And since these two pioneers were Modern in approach, Ar Doshi was no exception. But, his modern works have a traditional touch in them. Which means, he would take the bests from both the areas and create stunning yet sober buildings. Some of his famous works are Sangath and NIFT.

Well, it hardly comes as a surprise that he was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize,2018, among others!

2. Brinda Soumaya

Ar Brinda has a keen interest in preserving the built and un-built environment, along with its historic significance. And her works speak of her commitment to these. She has and continues to work by her core value. Also, she believes in social causes and actively participates in such calls.

For example, she has been quite instrumental in the rehabilitative Bhuj project. She developed the design concepts and aesthetics as per the villager’s suggestions, which she considered at par with her clients’ briefs.

3. Achyut Kanvinde

Before starting solo, Ar Kanvinde worked with the Modernist Pioneer and Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius. Ar Kanvinde worked with the Indian climate and so the structures were quite economic. His structures have clean geometric shapes, simple symmetry and are made of materials such as RCC, steel frames etc-typical  features of Modernism.

His works such as IIT-Kanpur and Dudhsagar,Gujarat have won several praises. Even now, these are considered as true masterpieces.

4. Laurie Baker

Ar Baker was an Englishman who fell in love with India. And naturally, he soon became an Indian citizen, both legally and otherwise. Well, one of the reasons he settled in India was his love for the ways of Indian architecture.

He endorsed sustainable architecture practices, creating vernacular and organic structures and spaces. His buildings have good ventilation, adequate sunlight and use minimal materials. Another prominent feature is the seamless use of rounded walls in his buildings, all designed in earthly aesthetics.

 5. Nariman Dossabhai Gandhi

More popular for his frequent temper outbursts and site disputes, Ar Gandhi was extraordinarily creative. He dismissed many of the standard notions that conventional architecture follows.

In each of his work, he made sure that he altered at least one structural aspect. Some famous examples are arches made of stacking pots and staircase using bricks. His first briefing was the site- the earth tones, nature,light and air factors.

6. Raj Rewal

After completing his education from Delhi & London, Ar Rewal worked in Paris before he started his own firm. His works draw heavy inspirations from ancient Indian monuments and townships. He also pays equal attention to local materials and bygone eras.

The Asiad Games Village has been one of his most famous works, with the stand out feature of cross-ventoilation and cross shadow. Of course, the Jaisalmer city Influence can be seen in it. Another striking work that exhibits such influences is the National Institute of Immunology (Courtyards,Cluster and Gateways).

These are just a handful of the many extraordinary brilliant Indian architects that continue to amaze the architectural scenario with their astounding works!

The spirit of true architecture shapes up the natural spirit of mankind. And interestingly, of late, architecture is becoming all about merging with nature instead of moving away from it. Also, when you have as resourceful and blessed land as our country india, it is the ethical duty of an architect to preserve and promote nature with his works.




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