Interior Wall Design:10 Creative Wall designing & decor tips

Decorating walls in a room is a great way to define your design statement and taste. Since walls form the enclosure that is the room, clever designing means making the most of those surfaces! And if you have been thinking about it lately, read on for ten creative ideas on Interior Wall Design.

Interior Wall Design: Ways to pep up your walls

Painting is the most common way that people choose, to change the looks of walls. Also,walls form the base- the vertical backgrounds- to the spatial design. But if budget doesn’t allow you to paint your walls to your liking, don’t worry! There are many other options that can enhance the look and feel of your walls. So, here we list down 10 smart ways to get a charming Interior Wall design.

1.  Let there be lights!


You will be surprised to see the lighting options available in the market these days-and affordable as well! No, not those fluorescent tubes or Incandescent bulbs- but power saving and more durable options such as LED’s and Fiber-optic light systems.

With low watt LED ambient/spot light and a bit of thoughtful designing, you can create sheer elegance on your wall surfaces! For this purpose, designers select Up-lighting/down-lighting light fixtures and techniques. Both of these generally result in a fully light-washed wall.

And then there is the classic cove-lighting- the one that you see in false ceilings.

2. Hang a painting that redefines your wall.

The right painting can add that oomph factor to your room and the wrong one can destroy many rights in it! So make sure that you and your space identify with the content of the painting.

Moreover, a good painting can also become an engaging focal point in terms of your interior wall design.

Another point to keep in mind is the location of the painting on the wall. Whichever spot you prefer, make sure its eye-catching.

3. Try some paneling – wood, plaster, laminates..


Panels are a great way to conceal wall issues while making them look chic. Also, the way you panel influences the overall look of the wall. For example, clean square wood paneling makes a wall look elegant and formal, while random geometric patterns with the same wooden panels may add informal look and warmth to the space.

When it comes to materials, Gypsum, Plaster of Paris, Wood,  Engineered wood and laminates offer a great deal of variety to choose from. And don’t worry- the costs also cover a wide range.

4. Clad your walls with natural stones.

These days, stones are quite popular when it comes to specific highlight walls. Well, the fact  that they are pro-nature and can withstand almost anything, makes them a great choice for both interior and exterior wall finishing. Plus, the ease and speed of installing them add to their advantages.

Slatestones, Sandstones, marbles, granites and limestones are some common options that are widely used for cladding.

5. Make the most of those perfect framed snaps.

Photographs are a great way to define a room. The content of photographs may narrate a story, add depth to an otherwise boring and dull space, or simply make the space more lively! Thus, to make it worth, make sure that you know what content you want in the room. And plan each frame when it comes to display arrangement.

The photos can be related, in series, theme- centred or simply random. And for that luxurious touch, go splurge on a famed artistic shot!

6. Display some beautiful tapestries for that sophisticated look.

Tapestries not only add interesting visual texture, but they also add depth to the walls. And the available design options range from simple motifs to detailed mandala art. Also, many religious inscriptions find their way to beautiful tapestries. You can opt for a simple hanging piece, or a more orderly framed one.

You can also add insulation to your walls with full wall tapestry.

7. Tile up the wall to your heart’s content.

Tiles remain a highly sought-after choice for wall decoration. That is mainly because it is highly economic in terms of both time and money. Also, their maintenance is low, durablility is good and there is big variety of tiles out there!

There are ceramic tiles that can withstand moisture and water, vitrified tiles that can withstand heavy traffic and porcelain tiles that retain their glaze for years together. And then there are those PVC tiles that are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride. Also, those tiny mosaics in glass and ceramic options are a craze these days. Plain tiles, textured tiles, patterned tiles,stone-mimicking tiles, wood mimicking tiles, matt, glossy and glazed tiles… basically, you will be spoilt for choice!

8. Add elegance with wallpapers.

Wallpapers have been around for quite a while. Though their basic structure remains more or less the same, but technology has seen some interesting changes in wallpapers. For example, these days one can easily find fire-resistant to fre-retardant options plenty.

And then, the designs- from simple geometric shapes, to retro prints, to floral motifs and 3D effects- wallpapers have their own style statement to offer to your plain-Jane walls!

9. If you are a fan of traditional methods, frescos are your thing.

Frescos have never been for the faint or the light- hearted; the subtle bulging of wall paintings over freshly applied lime plaster has a unique charm. And the fact that it has stood the test of time, with many civilizations over the centuries, only adds a traditional mystique to it.

When you opt for a fresco in one of your walls, fix the painting according to the interior style. Though frescos add opulence, but a wrong choice of painting can turn into a tacky interior disaster!

10. Be friends with glass.

Glass panels, especially colored and made-to-fit, are huge in hotel and commercial design industry. And Residential settings have interesting use of decorative mirrors in both formal and informal spaces.

Depending on your budget and use, there are a wide range of glass variants to choose from.

With so many interesting and creative Interior Wall design options to choose from, why settle for something boring?!


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